Ben Lomond Alpine Resort


Ben Lomond is home to ~25 lodges and mountain huts. The majority are members only lodges, however there is commercial accommodation available if you’d like to stay on Ben Lomond.

There are several lodges that offer member and commercial accommodation enabling you to stay on Ben Lomond. Most are located in the Ski Village. Please see Creek Cabins Ben Lomond, Tasmanian Rover Ski Club and Northern Tasmania Alpine Club (NTAC) for more details of where to stay on Ben Lomond. Please enquire at each Ski Club for new memberships or contact the Ben Lomond Committee web page for options. 

There are also numerous places to stay in Launceston.

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Accommodation Launceston

(50 mins drive from the top of Ben Lomond)




Entry into Ben Lomond Park is subject to a National Parks entry Fee which can be pre-purchased (click here for more info), or can be purchased from Ben Lomond Alpine Resort Base before entering the national park.